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(120317) Press Conference in Tawiwan
Do not remove watermark or re-edit, Copyright of 4BIONG

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“I don’t think it will be fun if we accomplish everything all at once.

Since we are climbing up the steps one by one, each day is really fun.”

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Baek Hyun: Chanyeol’s breathing is way too loud! And on top of that, he does this loud sniffling thing before he falls asleep. I just can’t fall asleep with all that noise.
Chanyeol: Well you (Baek Hyun) yelp like a dog like 40 times before falling asleep!

- How about the rest of you, does your roommate have any strange bedtime habits? -

(The rest of them shake their heads) No, we all sleep peacefully and happily!
Baek Hyun: (Looking at Chanyeol) Maybe we shouldn’t have mentioned we do all of that…
Chanyeol: But we love each other though (laughs)

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あるひの食卓 (by nao**)

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zelo reaction when fans call out his name 

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EXPOSED!!! kai’s little vice

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Alien League:
Very, very thin font. Interesting for a line, not so great for only a word or a block of text. Looks a bit like a bar code.
Examples: x

Great for a word here and there, definitely not for a lot text. Great y’s and f’s, but it doesn’t have punctuation marks.
Examples: x  x  x

Courier New:
Loos great, but not always easy to use as it gets pixellated very fast and I almost always need a double layer for it to be readable. Not very good for small text, but it can be a fun font.
Examples: x  x  x  x

Not very special but still a little different than other fonts. Not always very readable. Broadway is also a good alternative for this.
Examples: x  x

Very swirly with the t’s, fun to use for a couple of words.
Examples: x  x

Folks (Bold):
Can be used for a lot of text, but not very interesting to play with size/italics/upper-and lowercase etc in one graphic because it starts to look messy.
Examples: x  x

Bit of a weird font. Not always useable, but it can look cool.
Examples: x  x

Rounder than Futura LT Condensed, but very readable and good for lots of text.
Examples: x  x  x  x  x  x  x 

Futura LT Condensed:
FAVORITE. I use it so much :D Especially on gifs. The letters are thin, so you can put a lot of words in one line, it’s vey readable and playing with size, uppercase/lowercase, italics, space between your letters, etc. makes it look very different.
Examples: x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x

Georgia / Times New Roman (probably on your computer already):
Oldies but goodies. I personally don’t really see much difference between them, to be honest :D But you can use them for a block of text, you can use them in all-capslock, and they’re really great when you want to change up the size of your words. Playing with the space between the letters can give a different look as well.
Examples: x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x

Katy Berry:
Cute swirly font. Hearts instead of dots, so not something to put on everything.
Examples: x x

PTF Nordic Rnd:
A bit on the boring side, but very readable and useable.
Examples: x  x

Pea Lyndal:
Very cool y’s, t’s and j’s. Not always very readable and takes some fitting when you have more than a couple words, but can look very cool.
Examples: x x

Pea Mee-Mee:
Fun and swirly, good for a couple words but definitely not for a block of text.
Examples: x

Pump Demi Bold:
Fun and readable. I really like this one in italic.
Examples: x  x  x

Similar to Courier New, but easier to use as it’s thicker..
Examples: x

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Not sure how legit this is but according to a few naver blogs, the seven rumored members of BTOB are 서은광 (Seo Eunkwang) 이민혁 (Lee Minhyuk) 이창섭 (Lee Changseob) 임현식 (Im Hyunsik) 신동근 (Shin Donggeun) 정일훈 (Jung Ilhoon) 육성재 (Yook Sungjae), and not 이민우 (Lee Minwoo), the maknae from Living in Cheongdam-dong. :’(

K-fans can’t seem to figure out who Donggeun is, so this rumor list is pretty skeptical but…

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